martes, febrero 12, 2008

Meditation and Co-development

This goes to everyone that reads Kosmos Journal but especially to those who don’t, because if you are reading this you’ve already been drawn here by intuition, knowledge, a concern and awareness, a shared commitment, responsibility and sense of urgency to change the situation and course of humanity, you are already looking for others like you and me.

For all those that aren’t reading, those members of our extended families that are not at this point, caught-up in this snow-ball effect wrongfully called modern life or civilization, either by ignorance, apathy or intention… we need to build bridges and paths that help them take the next step and accompany us in this journey.

First we need to feel! Stop thinking for just a moment, let the intellect take a break, let it pause and take a deep breath… the heart needs to be listened to! Heart first, intellect second and action third. Add experience and you have wisdom, 360º because it’s going back to the essence but with everything we’ve learned along the way.

Despite my deepest admiration and empathy for arising political leaders like Barack Obama, I differ in one thing: when referring to the road ahead for change, it’s not about “fighting”. It’s time to find other ways to convey this message without using words that imply aggressiveness: meditation and co-development.

As we move forward in our urgent process of uplifting the collective consciousness, new ideas and models are needed to harness the experience, power and love of many, not through a leader (in singular), but in a broad and profound collaboration, locally and at a global scale, in order to effectively bring about the massive changes needed.

Barriers need to be lifted, hierarchies need to be flattened, and egos need not apply. Bring traditional “top-down” approaches that rely on a leader to inspire and move multitudes, closer with “bottom-up” or grass roots movements where inspiration is kindred among equals. We have to all become a leader and work side-by-side.

A new “Research and Development” (R&D) department for the planet and humanity is needed, one with a radical new approach. The first paradigm shift: re-balance the excess intellect and bring forward the heart, the intuition, through inner “research”, through personal and collective meditation and connecting with our inner Self, the divinity in everyone and everywhere. Second: make it public, inclusive and as transparent as possible. Start with local groups and let it bubble-up to the current world leaders, at the same time let it trickle down from those leaders in a continuous flow. Third: align the urgent short term needs with vital long term ones, with practical solutions in order to flourish as human race in this planet, in this life time and others to come.

With great respect and love,

Gibran Armijo

* Article submitted to Kosmos Journal, fractal image courtesy of Roger Johnston


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