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En otros blogs: Is Spain ready for women’s power?

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Is Spain ready for women’s power?
Written by Silvia Montero-Ramos

I think the real question should be: are society's men ready to reconnect with their feminine virtues? as I recently posted on my blog.

We as a collectiveness need to rebalance the way we have structured our lives, working environments, culture and our most inner beliefs to transition from "forcing" women to continually disconnect from their feminine nature and morph themselves in order to adapt to a system designed by and for men. We need to step into a culture of not only true equality, but also one that nurtures and fosters what is inherent in each gender, to truly recognize the value in the differences between men and women, not by only having women adapt themselves, having to "prove" they can do a "man's" job, specially in light of a condition that is only inherent to women: pregnancy, birth and breast feeding!

Women shouldn't have to renounce this precious gift, that is not only precious to the mother and baby, but to our entire society, for if we continue to detriment this natural and nourishing symbiosis, we will continue to create generations that are disconnected from one-another, nature and our planet, generations that harbor hatred, resentment or apathy. In essence: women should be allowed to participate en every activity side-by-side as equals as men, but, there should be a clear emphasis to acknowledge that in times of pregnancy-labor-breastfeeding there is no higher priority than to protect this bond, for it is the root of new generations to come. Women should not have to disconnect from their feminine side, it is time for us men to reconnect to our own feminine side and help create an atmosphere that values intuition, sensibility, empathy, communication. Re balance heart and mind, intuition and pragmatism, the left side of the brain and the right side. To promote more collaboration and less competition, more bonding ties to family and friend and less focus on accumulation of wealth, more sharing and less focus on power.




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